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Female Druid from RAFM Miniatures painted by Neldoreth - An Hour of Wolves & Shattered Shields

Female Druid  -  Posted: February 17, 2010  -  Manufacturer: RAFM Miniatures
This figure is a female druid, I do believe it's from RAFM miniatures. I figured I would never paint it, since it's just a bit too generic to fit anywhere well. But alas, D&D adventures seem to create a lot of need for figures, and so here it is. She was supposed to have something in the right hand, but I am not sure what it was, and I wasn't sure what would fit character wise... A staff? A mace? A sword? I amy eventually add something at some point, which means of course that I never will ;) I also tried a different red than my usual and was pretty happy with how it turned out!