Lead Painter's League Season 11 Gallery

Freydis and her Shieldmaiden 28mm miniatures from Bad Squiddo Games painted by Neldoreth - An Hour of Wolves & Shattered Shields

Freydis and her Shieldmaiden 28mm miniatures  -  Posted: March 20, 2017  -  Manufacturer: Bad Squiddo Games
For this one I spent hours setting up the staging... Too much time really, and the colors were too bright and unatural. Also, to be fair, those are some of the worst faces I've done in a while along with some generally uninspired shields... On top of that I was matched against some gorgeous sub-Roman Brits painted very well and staged amazingly by Captain Blood himself. This one was a blowout loss for me... My only chance to place was to beat my next two opponents by a large-enough margin... which was very unlikely given the calibre of the painters in the event.