15mm Medieval Persians

15mm Medieval Persians from Navwar Miniatures painted by Neldoreth - An Hour of Wolves & Shattered Shields

15mm Medieval Persians  -  Posted: August 24, 2009  -  Manufacturer: Navwar Miniatures
The command general's element for the Islamic Persian army. I really like these figures, they have a lot of character... Some of the best that I've seen for sure. The command pack actually came with four figures, a standard bearer, the general (with the mace), the horn blower, and a drummer. I decided to go with the horn blower though because I really like the figure! Look at that horn! It is awesomely large! Only in Persia :) The flag there is not exactly necessarily perfectly historical for the Safavid Persians, but it is valid none the less. The lion and sun had been a symbol of Persian royalty from the time of the Achaemenid Persians up until the Shah was turned over by the current Iranian regime. The flag turned out fairly well, except I should have gone with a softer colour for the dots I think...