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The Empire handgunners from Games Workshop painted by Neldoreth - An Hour of Wolves & Shattered Shields

The Empire handgunners  -  Posted: November 1, 2010  -  Manufacturer: Games Workshop
The last 40mm by 40mm base to make my 60mm by 40mm HotT bases into KoW troops, this one features a head-swapped figure loading his matchlock there. I noticed that not all of the figs' matchlocks have fuses... It's pretty hard to fire a matchlock musket without a fuse! But, he's reloading I guess, so maybe he's replacing it... I should likely have put a coal pot and some extra fuse to make it plausible :) For the figs with fuses, I tried to paint the fuse end with a bright-red burning bit on the end of the hammer. I think they turned out well!