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Battle of Sentry Box Gorge
Middle-eath Strategy Battle Game
By Neldoreth
Dec 19th, 2005

This game was played Sentry Box, my local gaming store. It is a great store, with tonnes of room to play and a huge selection of figs to buy-buy-buy ;) We decided to just play a huge pitched battle. There was perhaps 1500 points per side... Or maybe a little less. It was a lot of fun though, and I look forward to the next one :)


The battle was fought in Mordor, somewhere near Mount Doom itself. Their was a river of lava that forwed from one end to the other down the width of the table. About halfway down the table the lava river split in two, effectively making two rivers... We decided that these rivers would count as barriers to be jumped, and if the jump was failed... Well, lets just say that there would be some extreme discomfort for any who weren't sure footed...

I played on the evil side, where hordes of goblins, orcs, uruks, and haradrim were lead by the Witch King himself, along with a ring wraith. The good side was lead by none other than Boromir with the standard of Gondor. It was then we realized that it was going to be a crazy game for us because we knew the men and elves were going to sit and wait while we trecked across the lava river (rivers for all of us on the right side of the board).

Here you can see the evil players (my allies - the two on the left) salivating at the thought of their orcs feasting on men and elves for dinner! They finally made it across the battlefield!

The elves and men taunted the charging horde of orcs while piercing many of them with deadly arrows. The angry volley-firing moria orcs cursed as their jagged arrows failed to find their marks time and time again... Still, with all of the deaths caused by the arrows of the men and elves, and all of the failures of the orcs in crossing the lava rivers, there were still many to take up the battle when the line was reached!

Oh so close, but not close enough. The orcish horde would take one more turn of fire from the smelly men and elves before they could close in for the fight.

On the right flank, where only a single lava river stood between the orcs and men Boromir made his stand, along with the majority of his host. On the right, Boromir counted on the elvish archers and the two lava rivers to cover that front, and so only deployed a third of his force there. Thanks to the more effective archery of the Moria orcs and some Haradrim with poisoned arrows on this flank, holes were punched in the defending line, allowing orcs and men to cross without having to fight over a defended barrier (and one that you died if you didn't take thanks to the lava!)

Orcs reach the lines of the men and elves on the right flank... The line of men runs thin, and they can't hold it to defend as Haradrim and Moria orcs make their way around the flanks.

Orcs pour onto the lines of men and elves all across the battlefield, and so the fight begins in earnest up and down the board. The first blows fall, the first men and elves and orcses die at the hands of their enemies. The battle rages on, but at the beginning things look like they could go either way...

Fighting begins! Look at the sinister look on the face of the evil player (on the left) and the over-confident grin of the good player (on the right)! Death, death, death go the chants, ringing through the air (and through the store!)

As the battle rages, Boromir's flank on the left seems to be holding as he managed to limit the size of his line and keep the orcs from getting in behind and surrounding him and his force. With only one or two orcs vs. one or two elves and men in each fight, the orcs stood no chance... Still, the fighting was intense, and many men and elves died along with their orcish victims.

The fighting was intense, but the men and elves managed to hold their line on the left flank.

The right flank was a different story. Moria orcs, with the aid of Haradrim and Uruk Hai were able to crush the defenders, leaving the right flank broken at the hands of Souron's minions. Much death and slaughter was brought upon the elves and men, and much feasting was had by the hungry Uruks!

The right flank crumbles under the might of the orcs! Death to men and elves!

Unfortunately, all of the time we had was now gone, and the fate of the battle would have to be left in the hands of the Valar... It was a great game, and everyone had great fun! I think everyone learned a lot as well. I learned never to try to take a horse across a lava river... I also learned that Moria orcs are my new favourite army! Thanks again to the organizers and the excellent staff who made sure this adventure went off without a hitch. It was a great time and I look forward to the next one.

One of the organizers (on the right) comforts the defender of the broken right flank (on the left). It was a pleasure to play against my opponent, who's arrows sent many of my men and orcs to their deaths! It was a great time!