Post-Mongol Samurai time warp Emishi Battle
DBA battle pitting IV/59b Post-Mongol Samurai vs. III/6 Emishi
By Neldoreth
March 3rd, 2009

As Daimyo Barukatori marched his Samurai Warriors North, into the wilds of Japan, a mist descended over them... The mist was so thick that a soldier could not see their fellow soldier only a hand's width away... The steady Samurai did not break and flee, despite the terror of the otherworldly mist...

Barukatori continued their march, and when the mists finally cleared, they found themselves facing a strange enemy... It was the Emishi tribes of Northern Japan from a time 500 years before theirs... Barukatori immediately set his line to defend against the screaming tribesmen and their light horse, and battle was joined!

The Samurai and Emishi formed their lines as the battle was about to be joined! Note the Samurai are all in red, while the Emishi are nice and brightly coloured!

As the lines formed up for battle, the Samurai General Barukatori formed up his line like any good Viking would. With blades in the middle, warband on the right flank to chase the psiloi off the steep hill, and the cavalry on the left flank to hopefully maximize the effects of their maneuverability. Of course, he realized that it was unlikely that he would out maneuver an army made up almost entirely of light horse, but it was worth a try.

Barukatori was shocked as he heard news that a unit of his best warriors were destroyed and scattered by light horse!

Barukatori had a sneaking suspicion that this battle would be a great learning experience for him as his army clashed with the ancient Emishi. Although his warriors faught bravely, they failed to fight well. Some of the Emishi light horse were recoiled, but none fled. Furthermore, a unit of elite Samurai warriors were destroyed by the light horse of the Emishi! Also, Barukatori realized his mistake in meeting the lines of the Emishi in the hills with his monk warband... Warband isn't much of a match for psiloi... One of the elements of monks was destroyed by the skirmishing Emishi archers as they battled in the hills. The Samurai were down two elements!

The Samurai briefly rallied and pushed the Emishi back... But were unable to destroy any.

At the urging of their general Barukatori, the Samurai rallied and stood their ground against the Emishi onslaught! The battle leaned (very slightly) in favour of the Samurai on the left flank, as the light horse were repelled by Barukatori's cavalry. Bolstered by their general's presence, a unit of Samurai put a unit of Emishi to flight as well. Unfortunately, Barukatori was unable to destroy the light horse he was engaged with, and he was also unable to spur his right flank into the fight at all! Although things aren't so bleak for the Samurai at this point, things aren't looking good either!

The Samurai fail to keep get their battle line together, and more units fall to the blood-thirsty Emishi barbarians, sending Barukatori fleeing back to the mists of time!

Barukatori failed to spur his right flank into action, and the Emishi charged into the left flank. In a moment of inspiration, the Emishi general charged down the Samurai he was fighting, cutting them to pieces. At the same moment, Barukatori's cavalry fail, and were cut down as they attempted to flee by the flanking Emishi light cavalry. After looking around, Barukatori quickly realized that his chance at winning the battle had just disappeared, and he sounded a retreat. The Emishi let them go with jeers and unfriendly gestures!

Overall it was a great game, and one where I learned a lot. Don the Dangerous is a great opponent, and he played his line up very well. The Emishi are a tough army for the Post-Mongol Samurai, as it is impossible for the blade elements to destroy the light cavalry, and the warband are barely a match for psiloi... That being said, Barukatori (me) should have refused to engage until his line was complete, and should have stayed out of the hills... I think also that the cavalry elements in this army are better as a strong centre than as a flanking force... Especially against a fast army like the Emishi. Overall, a great game!