The Battle of the Vaults
Hordes of the Things Fantasy Battles
Ramona's Undead Horde vs
Rodrigo 'The Battler' Diazo's Estalians
By Neldoreth
June 7th, 2010

Fresh from his victory against the invading undead in the Battle of Vizeaya, Rodrigo "The Battler" Diazo ordered his army to march once more. Hoping to keep the pressure on Ramona's undead hordes Diazo lead his army along the path of flight of the undead, and chased them to the base of the mountains that they had saught refuge, to the tower of the Mage herself. His hope was to destroy the army, the necromantic tower, and the necromancer Ramona herself, and end the undead scourge that had tainted his lands.

The Estallians pursue the defeated undead, hoping to destroy the scourge from the lands completely!

This time however, having finally whetted her blade in battle, Ramona would not be caught off guard. Having seen how the forces of men could muster and halt her armies, she used her magic to create a giant bat that not only had great size and strength, but also the character of a hero, a leader of the undead! And so, when the armies of Bilbali arrived on the field of battle, the character of Romana's undead army had changed...

The armies line up again, facing off for a second battle...

Not only had the composition of the undead army changed, but also that of the Estallians. Rodrigo 'The Battler' Diazo would not take part; bolstered by his victory, and pulled away by a messenger from Bilbali, he rode home to his city to deal with a new invasion by the Magrittans. So, his army would be lead by his second in command. Furthermore, the Arabyans were released due to their cost to keep in the field and more Norscans were recruited. The Norscan giants, still hungry for plunder and happy to remove the undead from their mountains remained of their own free will. Once the armies lined up for battle, the great march began...

The giants of Estallia reacted to the flyers on their flank and attempted to make battle.

The Battle of the Vaults began much as the Battle of Vizeaya had. From her tower, Ramona had her giant bats and the flying hero bats moving swiftly around the left flank of the Estallians. This time however, the Estallian general sent not one but three units, including the giants to counter the threat. Meanwhile Ramona ordered her main line to begin the march toward the Estallians, keeping her ghouls in the forest to harass the Estallian right flank.

The bats flee as a feint and return to attack the lone giant when least expected.

The giant bats gave the Estallians a feint, and they fell for it. After ordering the giants to march towards the main line of the undead horde and leave off the pusuit of the apparently fleeing giant bats, the Estallians were taken by surprise when the bats returned and ferociously attacked the giants in the hills! The fight is brutal, with the hero bats coming out on top, killing many Norscan giants and driving off the rest! Not only that, but two units of Norscan warriors were left behind without the protection of the main line. Ramona siezed the opportunity to destroy two units easily and ordered her bats to attack them.

The main lines clashed while the undead hero bats destroyed the stray Norscan units in the rear.

Hoping to hold off the attack of the undead giant bats, the Estallian general ordered another unit of Norscans to aid their two compatriots in their fight against the undead bat hero in the rear. Unfortunely the Norscan warriors were no match for the ferocity of the bats and one of their units was destroyed and scattered. Meanwhile, the main lines crashed together and a brutal pushing match ensued. The Norscans gained the upper hand in the forest and chased off the ghouls that had attempted to harass them from the trees.

Neither side gained the upper hand on the main line while the giant bats picked off the lone Norscan units in the rear.

Ramona diverted some of her magic to bolster the main line. She realized that the battle would not be won on the main line, but by using the flying hero bats to destroy lone elements in the rear and flanks. As such, she guided the bat attacks again and again against the Norscans until they were finally destroyed, while at the same time holding the main line steady until the bats could fall on the Estallian flank and rear.

The hero bat unit descends onto the Estallian left flank and the Estallians fled the field.

After the last of the Norscan units in the rear were destroyed, the undead bats fell on the left flank of the Estallian main line. Under the attacks of the hero bats the precarious flank fell when the Norscans that were attempting to hold it were destroyed. The Estallian general ordered a full retreat that soon turned into a route, and the Estallian army was all but destroyed. Ramona, now with experience of battle, was ready to turn her armies toward their true enemy, the Bretonnians, and regain the lands that the Duke of Gisoreux had stolen from her people!

The second battle went quite a bit better for the undead. The flying hero was killer, especially since I (the Estallian commander) had removed all of the hero-killing elements from the army... I had the idea that I wanted a more historicalish army for this match, and it was a large part of my undoing! Also, knowing the rules a bit better let the battle go quite smoothly as well. I am liking the HotT action I think, but I still may use DBA with HotT elements added in in the future; I think the DBA 2.2 rules are a bit better than the version of DBA that the HotT rules were based on. Thanks to my buddy who came more than a few hundred kilometers into town to play these games as well! Great times :)