We all go a'Viking! - Circa 800CE
Viking Age DBA Campaign Event Timeline

Below you will find a summary of each notable event that takes place during the campaign along with a little adlib anachronistic commentary. This is the place to be for a brief view of the events. If you would like something more complete, please see the detailed description of turns and events.

Year & SeasonEvent
Before 846Beginning in the late 8th century, Viking pirates began raiding the coasts of Ireland and Britain while the people currently living there waged their little wars.
846 WinterThe Norse kingdoms decided to make their claim on Britain and Ireland a little more permanent. The war of Circa 800 begins
846 SpringJarnskeggi Bluetooth invades Norway, laying siege to Storholmen. Skuld Darkhair arrives with his army and lifts the siege, driving the Danes back to the Danish city of Lund. Read the battle report.
846 SpringCeowulf of the Scots-Saxons invades the British city of Jarrow. He thinks better of attacking the mounted forces of Culhwch Pendragon and returns without drawing blood to Lindisfarn
846 SpringPadraigh Olafson of Ireland lands his ships on the coast of Wales and lays siege to Skokholm. Sean ap Cadwalladr ap Maelcon arrives with his army and sends the Irish back to Ireland in defeat.
846 SpringSean ap Cadwalladr ap Maelcon, thinking it's best to reserve his army's strength, retires to his capitol in Lanbedrgoch and makes ready to defend his realm against any invaders.
846 SpringSkuld of Norway offers a truce and alliance to Jarnskeggi of the Danes. Jarnskeggi refuses, killing Skulds emissary. Skuld attacks Lund, battles Jarnskeggi's army and defeats it outside of the city walls. Lund falls to the Norwegians.
846 SpringCulhwch Pendragon sees an easy target and invades Dublin. The Irish, with much fight left in them meet the Pendragon's forces on the fields and do battle. Although the Irish take losses, they send the British sailing home to Jarrow and remain undefeated on their own soil
846 SummerThe Danes under Jarnskeggi invade York. Their fleet lands in York and the British come out to defend their city. Ireland supports the British and sends some of their few troops to aid the defense. The Danes bring Scots-Saxon allies. The Danes are defeated and Jarnskeggi taken captive.
846 SummerThe Norwegian vikings under Skuld Prowrider make way for Jarrow, and begin a siege... The Norwegians form an alliance with Wales and Scots-Saxonia. The British see they are outnumbered and refuse to give battle, allowing the Norwegian siege to commence. The British resist the siege for the entire summer, Jarrow does not fall.
846 SummerCeowulf the Scots-Saxon gains leave from both Britain and Norway to march through Jarrow to Swansea to make war on Wales. The Scots-Saxons are defeated by Sean ap Cadwalladr ap Maelcon and return to Lindisfarn.
846 AutumnThe Welsh invade Ireland, putting Cork to the flame. King Olafson of Ireland refuses to give battle and the Welsh lay siege to the city. Despite their efforts, the city stands against the Welsh attacks and Sean ap Cadwalladr ap Maelcon returns to Wales to overwinter.
846 AutumnSkuld and his Norwegian host break the walls of Jarrow and the city falls. Jarrow is declared the capital of Norlaw, the new Norwegian realm in northern Britain.
847 SpringThe Norwegians under Skuld move on Lindisfarn in Scotland. The Scotish rally to its defense but are defeated. Lindisfarn becomes part of Norlaw. Scotland as a whole becomes a tributary of the Norwegians.
847 SpringThe Welsh invade Britain through Salisbury. Their invasion ends in failure as they are defeated and sent back to Swansea in Wales.
847 SummerThe Irish under Olafson move from Limerick to Cork to make ready to invade Wales.
847 SummerJarnskeggison of the Danes invades British York to rescue his father and take the city for vengeance. The Norwegians, Welsh and Scots-Saxons pledge support to the Danes and promise to send contingents to the battle. The British camp is sacked, the British are defeated and York falls to the Danes.
847 AutumnSkuld Darkhair leads his Norwegian vikings into Ireland through Dublin. Neildraigh Olafson, standing in for his brother King Olafson marches out to defend the city but is defeated. Dublin falls to Norway. Scot-Saxons who were sent to aid Skuld fail to arrive before the battle ends.
847 AutumnThe Welsh invade Ireland through Cork. Again the Irish march out to defend the city but are defeated. Cork falls to the Irish King Sean ap Cadwalladr ap Maelcon.
847 AutumnThe British King Pendragon marches north in attempt to re-take York from the Danish vikings. The Danes fortify the city and make ready for a siege. Pendragon is unable to take the city before winter and York remains in Danish hands at the end of 847.
After 847After the brutality of 846 and 847, a tenous peace falls upon the islands and the lands of the Vikings to the east. Sure, there are raids and border skirmishes, but the populations refuse to support any more wars for glory and conquest, and the peope live free from worry of sacking and ravaging for a time... During which the kings drink mead, feast, and revel in their spoils! fin!