Campaign Play Phase Turn Four
The Closing Battles of the War of the Ring Campaign

The Synopsis

Gandalf urged Shadowfax onward toward the burning town leages to the south. Gandalf knew that it was there that the Easterling force that recently bested him was terrorizing the villagers and turning free peoples into slaves. In sadness though he knew he was too late. The free peoples there would be returned to Mordor as slaves before he could arrive with help, and the production of the town would be turned to the will of Sauron by many orcs hands... A sadness gripped his heart, but little did he know a greater woe was at hand for the world of men.

The Witch King's wraiths mounted upon winged beasts gave him insight into the movements war that only those with a palantir could match. As such he knew that the White Wizard had strayed too far to protect the White city. A wide grin adorned his wraithish face as he urged all legions forward to the city. The great battle of our time was to be fought, as his army, Gothmog's army, and the Haradrim Army drove forward to lay siege upon the city... All the while, the Easterling force that ascended from the north was ordered to capture a town at all costs. If all went to plan, the world of men might fall sooner than even Sauron had expected.

And so it was that the fourth play phase turn of the Closing Battles campaign was played. Again it seems the tide has turned for evil, as Gandalf and the former defenders of Cair Andros as stranded outside the line of armies that now lay siege on the white city. Without Gandalf, and only with the leadership of Denethor to guide them, the defenders of the city will surely break against the assault... or will they?

And so it has been that the White City was lost to the forces of Sauron. Denethor taken captive and everyone else killed or enslaved. The city lies in ruins, smouldering with black smoke of foul orc-craft! Still, hope yet remains. The Defenders of Cair Andros and Gandalf and Pippen still survive! Furthermore, if the will of the Valar see fit, reinforcements may yet come from the north or south! How will things end? Only the Valara know what time must tell.

Battles Fought and their Outcomes
  1. The Town Defenders vs. The Easterling Horde
    Winner: The Easterling Horde

    • The Easterling Horde

      The Easterling attackers slaughtered the defenders of the town. However, the women and children that defended it did not leave without a fight! In total six Easterling were brought down to the brooms and rocks of the peasants!

      For their aftermath roll, the Easterlings scored a two on a six sided die, meaning that one out of three warriors would return to the ranks. This saw only four permanently removed from the Easterling Horde. The Easterling Horde now has the following list:

      • 2 Easterling Captains
      • 9 Easterlings with Spear and Shield
      • 4 Easterlings with Sword and Shield
      • 1 Easterling Standard

    • The Town Defenders

      Since the town defenders must remain with the town, since it was lost it is assumed that the Easterlings have taken slaves and captured the town for Mordor. A fresh batch of orcish slaves have already arrived to start churning out weapons and food for Mordor's war machines!

  2. Mordor's attackers of Minas Tirith vs. The Defenders of Minas Tirith
    Winner:The White City Falls! The forces of Mordor are victorious!

    • Mordor's Attackers of Minas Tirith

      The battle was fought using the siege scenario outlined in the Siege of Minas Tirith supplement. And what a nail biter it was, but ultimately, the forces of the Free Peoples were doomed! The game lasted until turn eleven, when every single defender was killed and 45 warriors of Mordor were on or behind the wall...

      Relatively few warriors of Mordor were killed during the fighting. The Haradrim army performed amazingly, losing only six warriors in total. For their aftermath roll they scored a four, meaning that only two warriors would be permantently removed. As such, two spear-armed warriors were removed from the original list.

      Gothmog's army only lost a single orc in the fighting. Although this at first seemed great, it was actually because very few orcs remained in the force from previous battles. Still, the Morannon orcs in Gothmogs army were responsible for taking the entire wall left of the gates. So, only a single orc with sword and shield was removed from the list.

      Finally, the hordes of the Witch King fared worst of all, taking the brunt of the beating (which is understandable considering it was the Witch King's army that lead the charge against the most defended wall!). Eight orcs in all were felled by the defenders of Minas Tirith. The Witch King scored a two on the aftermath roll, meaning that three spear-armed orcs and two shield/sword armed orcs were permanently removed from the list.

    • The Defenders of Minas Tirith

      The defenders of Minas Tirith fought galliantly, and to the last man. They managed to push the attackers off the wall time and again, but alas it was not to be. Those that fought there died there. And those civilians that failed to leave the city before the siege were doomed to the fate of slavery in the mines of Mordor... As such, the Defenders of Minas Tirith and Damrod's army made no aftermath rolls... save one...

      Gothmog and the Witch King stood over the wounded body of Denethor, but it seemed that he had not been killed. He would never be the fighter he had, but he had not died aas he should have. And so it was that he was taken prisoner. Shackled and caged, Denethor would remain with the Witch King's horde, destined to live a torturedd life at the hands of Sauron himself...

      Finally, the forces of Sauron decided to raze Minas Tirith to the ground. It took a lot of orc-hours, but now all that remains of the White City is a pile of smouldering stone. Woe be to the world of men, for the time of the orc seems now to have come!