Strohm, the Earth Sorcerer Monk
A characterization - June 20, 2008

Strohm, the earth sorcerer monk and his trusty sidekick hand...

Strohm is a elementalist sorcerer from the days when sorcery was about blasting your enemies and calling up the powers of the earth to fight for you. He pays little heed to negotiating, politicking, and compromising. If there is a door with something behind it, he won't hesitate to break it down, incapacitate everyone there, and then take the time to ask questions. Early in his life as a sorcer Strohm conjured a sort of familiar. It is said to be a jade construct of sorts, but nobody really knows what exactly it is. All that has ever been seen of it is a hand, but the rumour is that it is attached to the body of a giant jade construct! Unfortunately the only people who have ever seen it were killed, and could never tell the tale!

Strohm battles Hyrekia's giant spider!

Although Strohm became well known for defeating monsters and living through random encounters, his first major test was not until he crossed the infamous Hyrekia. He loved Hyrekia, but there love was not meant to be. Just as Strohm brought the powers of the earth under his control, Hyrekia longed to rule the living, including Strohm.

He gladly gave his heart and his life to her, until she asked him to do the unacceptable. He rebelled against her will even though it tore his heart away. Hyrekia, accepting nothing less than absolute loyalty, banished him from her. He would not leave though, and so she did battle with him. Using her powers she attempted to destroy him, but time after time his imense power saw him victorious. The most infamous battle was between him and Hyrekia's greatest servant: Lobshe the giant spider. Lobshe's battle with Strohm lasted days, and mountains were felled. In the end, Hyrekia, seeing her spider killed, fled into hiding.

After Hyrekia, Strohm traveled the lands. He can across many different people, and learned much. In his travels he came to a monestary, where he learned the skills and qualities of being a monk. In his monkhood he found the peace he needed after his episode with Hyrekia.

Strohm destroys one of Terezinia's constructs!

It was during these travels that Strohm came up against another of his greatest adversaries: Terezinia, the necromancer. It began when he found himself wandering through the bleak landscapes of her domain. With her ever vigilant spies, she knew of him and his coming into her lands, and she did everything in the power to stop him.

The battles that Strohm fought during his campaign against Terezinia were some of his most epic, including his defeat of an army of vile constructs that she sent against him. In the end she was forced to cede some of her lands to their freedom. It was after this that Strohm had a purpose once more: to rid the world of all that would oppose him!

From the time of his battles with Terezinia, Strohm has done much for the world. He defeated the armies of Munin, the ocean raiding king, topled the corrupt empire of the Spratans, played a major role in the defeat of the navies of the Great Brinians, as well as stopped the undead hordes on the isles of Hetwah (which is in an alternate dimension). So where will the tides of time and space take Strohm in the future? Only time will tell!

Strohm destroys the barbarian hordes of Munin the raider king!