Lord Ravenwand's muster for Bretonnia  
October 14th, 2019

I wanted to focus on Andalusians, but with the recent Bretonnian bases that I put together and my discovery of the Oathmark Humans, which are an absolutely perfect set of figures for Bretonnian men at arms, I had to go back to Bretonnia. The Oathmark humans are perfect except for the shields, which were pretty easy to manufacture with some sheet styrene aka plasticard, a knife and a hole punch. That done, I found a new Lord that I wanted to base these figures on as well: Lord Ravenwand, cousing to Lord Stroud (the last Bretonnian Lord that I based a unit around). I will be doing these as a unit base for my Kings of War Brotherhood army, but check out the first five figures in the Bretonnian Image Gallery.

Lately I've been playing some Battlemasters again. Yes, I hadn't played since 1994 I think, but now that the kids are older I decided to buy it - again - and set it all up and play. The card-based turns are just hilarously fun. Now though I find myself wanting to paint up all the figures... Should I?!?

First Andalusian spear unit finally done!  
October 10th, 2019

After almost exactly four years in the making, the first Andalusian 28mm spear unit is ready for battle! It was a pleasure to paint, but it took a lot of detailed work and deliberation. Honestly, it's the deliberation that makes the work take so long... It takes me forever to decide on the fabric patterns and shield designs. In any case, check out the images in the Andalusian Image Gallery.

I painted up a handful of figures for the Lead Painters League, but in the end didn't get three entries done and so I couldn't enter. Of course, instead of saving images of those for the next LPL, I'm going to gleefully show them off here soon! Pictures may take some effort, but I should be posting then in the next week or so.

Andalusian first full spear unit painted...  
August 22nd, 2019

Completely painted but not quite based. I finished the last two figures and put together the first draft of the multi-based unit for my fifteen-years in the making al-Andalus army in 28mm. Check out the images in the Andalusian Image Gallery. I'm pretty happy with these, but there is almost too much detail on all of the figs. A lot of them will get lost in the crowd... With my Vikings I had some that were plainly dressed mixed in to save time and also save some fancy figs from getting lost in the crowd. Not the case with these exactly. So, I'm considering saving some of these for a second unit and painting up more simple figs... but let's face it, that will take me another five years to finish :)

On the topic of five-year projects... I picked up a full(ish) copy of Battle Masters to play with the kid. I had fond memories of pushing those little units around as a young adult, and thought it would be a fun way to get the kids to play miniature games. After it arrived and we set it all up, played a few amazingly fun games, I imagined how nice the figs would look all painted up... Should I paint that game? How should I base the figs? We'll see how it comes together, but you might see some painted Battle Masters figs on this site in the future.

Andalusian spear ready for muster  
August 3rd, 2019

I'm still painting up a few more figures for the Andalusian unit, this time three spear-wielding city guard, a banner bearer, and a musician. These ones aren't based up yet, but I figured I'd post pics anyway. I just found out about the minimum figure requirement for Kings of War and I only need eleven figures, yet I'm at fourteen currently. I think I still want sixteen though, so that's two more and then I'll mount them up onto a unit base. Check out the images in the 28mm Andalusian Image Gallery.

Bretonnian knights mustered for battle  
July 21st, 2019

I put together a troop of knights for the Bretonnian Kings of War project that I've had cooking and re-energized recently. This one is a troop with only three figs on it! But I had a legitimate reason: to make it looks like the old 5th edtition Warhammer wedge formation... it only kinda worked out. Check out the images in the Bretonnia Image Gallery.

Multi-based Bretonnian Men at Arms  
July 17th, 2019

After a couple years I finally got around to taking some pictures of the multi-based Bretonian Men-At-Arms unit that I put together for Kings of War. I have been working on this Bretonnian Kings of War army since probably 2009, ten years ago, and also the year that Kings of War was initially released! I did see that Mantic Games is releasing a new edition of Kings of War, which is kinda sad because I haven't played with the current edition yet, but also kinda cool because it gave me a little incentive to get going with this project. With this unit, I'm one more step closer... actually, I'm pretty much done for now. Check out the images in the Bretonnian Image Gallery.

Shadows over Camelot finally complete - and on eBay  
May 16th, 2018

I have been working on painting this game since March 2008. I gave up on them on March 24th, 2008 and said that hopefully I'd return to them later. About ten years later!!! I can't believe I've had that game for ten years... In any case, I finally painted the last four figures, and it really was just because I decided to finally sell it and I didn't want to sell it with four unpainted - but base coated - figures. So here they are finally in the Shadows over Camelot Image Gallery.

Shadows over Camelot is a great game and a good co-op game, but it's really a co-op secret spy type game that ends up being all vs. one, which isn't my favourite format, so I'm selling it off. Check out the eBay auction here: Shadows Over Camelot Board Game with Pro Painted Figures.

Some D&D figs from Legend of Drizzt  
May 14th, 2018

I had this slime monster figure from the Legend of Drizzt Dungeons and Dragons board game on my painting desk for years, and so when I decided to sell the game - I played it only twice just this past week - I thought I'd finish it first! It's a tough one to paint because of all the blending, but it was fun. I also posted a single figure impage of the Drow Wizard from the same game. I used the Drow Wizard as The Black Spider in my Dungeons and Dragons game, as well as part of the spider entry in the lead Painter's League last year, but I didn't have a single picture with the figure alone. Check out the images starting here in the D&D Image Gallery. Additionally included in the game is the green dragon that I also painted for Dungeons and Dragons. Check out the eBay listing here: Dungeons and Dragons Legend of Drizzt Game (used) with some pro-painted miniatures.

It's been nice clearing out my closet of old games that I've never played. The excitement of a new game gives way to hope that I'll eventually play it, which gives way to a kinda stressful 'I should play that game...' mind set, which isn't really healthy. So passing these games on to someone who might actually enjoy them feels great! I'm also passing on the Ghost Stories games as well.

Dreadball back on the block  
May 1st, 2018

I finally got around to taking a few pictures of the Dreadball RefBot and the Dreadballs that I painted a few years ago... It took so long but they are finally here! Check out the images in the Dreadball Image Gallery. Why you might ask? Am I finally starting to play some Dreadball after five plus years since I've looked at the figures?!?

The truth is I've been thinking about selling them for a while, and now's the time. Spring cleaning has me finally with some extra closet space! Keep your eyes peeled for an eBay auction Dreadball lot in the net days or so.

Last Mice & Mystics figure photographed!  
April 23rd, 2018

I had this painted for as long as I had the other ones painted, but I never got around to taking and posting pictures. After long last, here it is, the Mice & Mystics board game millipede! Check out the images in the Mice and Mystics Image Gallery. Why am I taking a picture now, after all this time? Well, I'm currently selling my copy of Mice & Mystics, along with the painted figures and I thought I'd snap a picture of the figure while I had the chance!

I have four Shadows over Camelot figures on the painting desk at the moment. The plan is to finish those off so that the whole set is done, and then put that one on eBay as well. I have to make space in the closet and I haven't played either Shadows Over Camelot or Mice and Mystics in years. With Gloomhaven and the other co-op boardgames I have, those two just don't make the cut. Until next time!