15mm Viking DBA Army (Old Glory Miniatures)
By: Neldoreth

This army was my first attempt at painting 15mm scale miniatures. After what seemed like ages of playing games that nobody played I finally fell victim to the DBA calling. That and the fact that there is a great community of 15mm DBAers here, it was on to the fullest.

So, my first DBA army reflects my favourite historical period and the coolest dark ages army there is. I tried to do something interesting with this army, as opposed to the hundreds of plain looking vikings I painted in 28mm. So, all of the snazzy shields were hand painted in attempt to make the army something special and more interesting than a bunch of Odin worshiping raiders!

Here they are, in all of their slavering glory!

The general's stand. I decided to snip the original, tiny banner
and replace it with something a bit more to my liking! Took a bit
of extra time on the design as well. I am pretty happy with it!
Also I did a couple of nifty shields, including the musician's
Thor's hammer and the entwined beasts on the general's shield.
See a bigger pic of the general's shield below.

I love that leather armour! It just looks so much better than mail
in my opinion. The shield on the far right end of the stand was
inspired by one in the Fanaticus Dark Ages Shield Gallery.

More ravening vikings. One of my more intricate gripping beast shield designs.

This one is one of my favorites! The red head with the snazzy shield
is an Irishman gone viking who is apparently quite proud of his
heritage! He even used an Irish trist-like shield design!

Another of my favorite stands. The raven shield on the right end of the
stand didn't work out as well as I had hoped, but the shield on the left
end of the stand is easily my most intricate gripping beast design! I am
quite proud of that one.

This stand is also a good one. I kinda cheesed out on the llongship shield,
but hey, you can't have a viking army without a longship somewhere can you?
The shield on the left was a lot of work, and it didn't even turn out all
that great...

Another cheesy shield here. Still, it turned out great!

I love the two figures on the left side of this stand. I imagine that the
figure second from the left is saying to his buddy "You said there were how
many?" while deciding whether or not to run for it. All the while, his buddy
is gnawing on his shield waiting to put the hurt on some Saxons! I like the
colours on the shield on the right, but the design itself is a little uninspired.

This stand was one of my first, and the gripping beast shield is also my first.
In spite of that I am pretty happy with the stand and the shield!

This stand, sporting two nifty shield designs, isn't one of my favorites.
The knot work shield didn't really turn out (especially compared with the
Irish shield design above) and neither did the gripping beast. I found
the reason for this was the texture on the shields. That wood grain was
impossible to work with using fine details...

This stand includes a berzerker in a wolf skin with a great shield design.
This was also one of my first and I was quite happy with it. Again, that
leather armour is my favourite, and although it was tough to paint I would
rather have all leather than all mail!

Psiloi rock the spot! And they recoil from infantry!

Done over a year after the rest of the army, I am pretty happy with
how these turned out... Why someone would pick warband over blade is
beyond my expertise, but they look cool, so what does it matter ;)

I held off painting this stand because formed up archers aren't all that
viking imho... Still, I wanted all of the options, so here they are. These
ones, along with the berzerkers previous were painted up a full year after the
rest of the army, but they turned out pretty good anyway :)

A collection of close-ups of my favourite
shield designs from the army. Note the one
on the top right is the general's shield.
Pretty expensive design and paint there!

Camps are cool! Unfortunately I wasn't inspired so just
went with the standard two tents on the shore look...
I tried to do it to scale with the 15s as well, but
the hole-punched shields are a bit small. Still, I am
happy at how it turned out none-the-less!

A closer view of the water. It was done using a slightly
rinkled piece of paper, painted, covered in watered-down
white glue, and then painted with a coat of clear, shinny
nail polish.

And last but certainly not least, my ZOC marker.
Based on a Swedish runestone, it is entirely hand
painted right down to the smallest Futhark rune
on there!