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More Battle Masters Empire and Chaos  
January 18th, 2024

It's been a slog to get through these, so much humming and hawing on paint schemes for the cannon, but finally the Empire Cannon from Battle Masters is done, as well as another unit of five archers! On top of that, I found a figure in a collection that my buddy donated to me that I had been looking for for some time, that's the Chaos Warrior from the Hero Quest original game. It's based on the famous Slambo figure, but in plastic, and it's just great. Check out the Empire images in the Empire Image Gallery. Check out the Chaos images in the Chaos Image Gallery. Finally, check out the Battle Masters images in the Battle Masters Image Gallery.

Next up is likely more Chaos or Empire figs... Currently I'm looking at my Empire Knights from Battle Masters. There is some decision making to be done on paint scheme though. Do I do an Empire knight look, like the knights Panther or something? Or do I just theme them in yellow and green like the rest of the army? We'll see!

The Empire troops muster for war again!  
September 21st, 2023

After two years I'm back to painting (or finishing painting) the Empire troops that I have and plan to use for both Battle Masters and Warhammer Fantasy Battles and Kings of War. Perfectionism really help up the completion of the general figure, but once that was done, the other figures came together pretty quickly, and there's more on the block now! Check out the general, the last five halberdiers, and the first five archers in the Empire Image Gallery.

Along with the Empire figs, I've also updated the Battle Masters Image Gallery with the Halberdiers and the Archers on their Battle Masters unit bases. I'm excited to play a game of Battle Masters with two entirely painted armies... maybe that will happen within the next few years, lol.

Bretonnian men-at-arms revisited  
September 21st, 2023

Just over a year after the last update I'm back at painting the Bretonnians! I rebased my old Kings of War ment-at-arms regiment onto single-based 25mm bases, and also painted up a few new figures to round the unit out to 18 men (and women). Why you ask? Well, because of the impending release of Warhammer the Old World. It's exciting to see new figures and life into Warhammer Fantasy, and so I'm totally on that train again. It's odd because I used to absolutely hate the bloated, confusing, and unsatisfying rules of Warhammer Fantasy, and I loved Kings of War in comparison for it's simplicity and gracefulness... But I always liked the Warhammer figs and world more I guess, especially since it was Warhammer Fantasy that first got me into miniature gaming all those years ago. In any case, check out the new Bretonnian unit all formed up and ready to go with their new banner bearer in the Bretonnian Image Gallery.

Mantic's Armada, a beginning and end...  
September 19th, 2023

I saw about a year and a half ago that Mantic was having a sale on a starter set for their Armada game, and I thought I'd give it a try. I always wanted a fun ship game, and none of the other ones really grabbed me, and so I jumped in. I painted up the two ships included in the set, and then picked up two more and painted them up. It was fun, and also it was a lot of circling, which I didn't really enjoy all that much. On top of that, I had no fun painting the Basilean ships because I decided to use contrast paints, and it was a disaster... In any case, I finished painting them back in autumn 2022, and it took me this long to post pictures! Check out the images in the new Armada Image Gallery.

The Monster Hockey Team is Complete!  
March 12th, 2022

I have finally completed and taken pictures of the Ulfenkarn Monsters Bloodbowl Ice Hockey team. It was a lot of work, and also a lot of fun. It turned out pretty well, and I also cut some corners here and there. I haven't completed the second team quite yet. It will be quite a bit of work to get those done because I'm going to start with some figures that I already have and I don't have any more Bloodbowl or Dreadball figs already in sporting poses. It should be interesting. In any case, check out the images in the Ulfenkarn Monsters Image Gallery.

What's next? I have a half-finished unit of space marines, some half finishes Necrons, some half-finished Empire general for my Battle Masters armies, a pumpkin knight, a few Bretonnian halberdiers on bases, a Battle Masters ogre, Khagra's Chaos Warriors from Direchasm primed, a multimelta-weilding Sister of Battle from when they were good, and a single Bretonnian knight primed and ready to go. Things are moving slowly though, so until next time, take care.

Another monstrous hockey player!  
September 4th, 2021

It's been tough to dig out time to paint these days with everything that's happening. Still, I managed to get paint on three of the hockey figures and managed to get the first one in a few half-decent pictures. Check out the monster hockey player images in the Ulfenkarn Monsters Hockey Team Image Gallery. There's also a group shot with the three figures done. I'll have more pictures of that third skater, and also I just finished a fourth skater, so expect those pictures soon!

I also got my hands on the Warhammer Quest game, including all the figures. Not sure if that was a good idea... I probably will never play and never paint all of those figures :)

Fantasy Ice Hockey has arrived!  
July 11th, 2021

The first team to make the scene are the Ulfenkarn Monsters, a team straight out of the bustling metropolis of Ulfenkarn. Sure, they don't play clean all the time, but they sure keep the fans on the edge of their seats! Check out the very first member of the team in the Ulfenkarn Monsters Image Gallery.

I have the rest of the team already converted, and I just have to put putty on a couple of them before I start painting. I imagine they will be the next few figs that I work on here... Yeah, I totally got distracted by this idea and almost bought new figs for it, but then I remembered that I had a Blood Bowl team that I knew I would never use and blammo, here we are. I **might** buy new figs for the next team though because I really want a team of rats... but we'll see. I also have some Corvus Cabal that I likely won't do anything with so perhaps I'll convert my next team using those figs! Untill then...

Sir Roland 'The Gray' Tristement of Bretonnia  
June 13th, 2021

I really wanted some foot knights in the style of the Old Games Workshop foot knights for Bretonnia. That classical Bretonnian style, but on foot. Well, it's a tough job to find those on eBay for a reasonable price, so I looked around at other options and found these Reaper Heraldic Knights sculpted by Werner Klocke. They are definitely inspired by those old Bretonnian figs, and they look pretty fantastic to me, so I picked up the set... well, almost the whole set. I skipped the helmetless one. After finishing those Battle Masters figs I was bored of painting groups of the same figs, so I decided to paint one up in bright colors! Check out Lord Roland 'The Gray' Tristement of Bretonnia Check out the images in the in the Bretonnia Image Gallery.

Next up, I've been fiddling around with converting some of those Bloodbowl miniatures into hockey players... I have one half-converted and one half-painted so far! Until then...

Battle Masters Empire Crossbow Regiment  
May 29th, 2021

After many months on the table, I finally finished painting, basing, and battle-masters basing the Empire Crossbow unit! Three months it took for these figures to wrap up! I was working on some other stuff here and there (those poor Necrons...). But yeah, I had a hard time painting them because I'm kinda not so much the assembly-line, big-army painter that I used to be. I will likely do some little projects here and there over the next while I think... In any case, check out the Empire Crossbow unit in the Empire Image Gallery.

Next up? I have a half-painted Reaper Bretonnian knight on foot currently, and Empire plastic general mounted, an old metal Sisters of Battle multi-,elta wielding figure, Khagra built and primed, and also one zombie Blood Bowl figure that I started a special project with.... yes precious, I bought some Blood Bowl figs even after selling all of my Dreadball stuff... that is a good, fast-paced game, but I was never a basketball guy and I don't like football or baseball... but there is one sport that I played a lot of in the Great White North... stay tuned for that!

First Sisters squad complete!  
January 24th, 2021

After six months, my first vampire-themed Sisters of Battle squad is complete! My plan is to re-use my old metal figs for the squads, and so that's where I started. Also, this squad was the test squad, and I'm pretty happy with it. I might change a few things, but for the most part I'm pretty happy with it. Check out the images of the assembled squad and the individual shots in the Adeptas Sororitas Image Gallery.

I'm still working through those Space Marines, some more Necrons, and also now some Battle Masters Empire Crossbowmen. Also a second Battle Masters ogre, a Bretonnian knight, and an Empire General... Who knows which one or when that will actually come together! Until then though...