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DBA Game Battle Report Markers
Print them, take pictures, your work is done!
By Neldoreth
May 7th, 2009

The following pictures are of game markers that can be used when playing DBA games to record outcome movements as well as the destruction of elements. I made these after seeing their skillful use over on the Fighting Farrow's blog. To make use of them, I printed them, glued them to thin card, and trimmed them out. I have written a few DBA battle reports, and these markers are my favourite way to keep track of what is going on in pictures. Check out the report where Skuld Darkhair attacks the Scots in the Battle of Lindisfarn for an example of their use. To keep them, just drag the pictures to your desired folder or desktop!

Colour coded destroyed element markers whose colours correspond to the recoil and flee markers seen below.

Recoil and flee markers show which elements were effected by outcome moves.