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Painting Fabric Patterns on Miniatures
Miniature Painting Article
By Neldoreth
May 1st, 2008

This will be a work in progress article as I find and come up with new techniques for painting patterns on miniatures. So far, I have only done this for 15mm miniatures, but I can see that it will work well for 28mm figs as well!

I originally say patterns like this on the Menix Miniatures website and worked out a way to do it for myself. A few people asked what my simple method for doing this was, and so I figured I would throw it together. It is pretty obvious from the picture above, but here is a break down on the details:

Above is an example of the pattern done on a 15mm Old Glory Andalusian archer. It looks pretty good, but it is difficult to translate the pattern to the smaller scale. 28s are recommended for this stuff!

To be continued...