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Raid, Pillage, Loot!
The battles of Steinthor Strongarm (DBA)
By Neldoreth
May 1st, 2008

This isn't strictly a campaign as such, but it is in the sense that it will add a narative to all of the battles that I have fought with my viking DBA army. The viking army in DBA is one of my favourites for a couple of reasons: they faught (almost) everybody during the period and they are made up (almost) entirely of blades! So, put on your chain mail and follow along as Steinthor's viking raiders plunder and loot their way across the world!

The vikings, in their eagerness to claim glory in battle, left their Swedish shores to head for (the as of yet undiscovered) Vinland! It's a long trek over cold and stormy seas, but it is well worth it for the blueberries alone! The viking hordes set up camp, and then they were off to battle the Skraelings! Check out the battle report here as it brings you the gory details of the viking's 4-1 win over the (IV/9) Eastern Forest American. This battle took place on July 21st, 2006.

After securing the settlement in Vinland (at least for now), Steinthor lead his mighty blade wielding raiders back to Europe. First, to Northern Ireland. Word has it that there are some wealthy villages that need a good looting! By some great chance, an army of Scots-Irish (II/54) was assembled in the area, ready to stand in the way of Steinthor's raiding! Check out the brutal battle here as Steinthor leads his men to a 5-1 victory! This battle took place on July 21st, 2006.

Spurned by their victory in Ireland, the raiders made for the rich Anglo-Danish shores of Britain. This time, they weren't going after mere churches or raiding coastal towns. This time Steinthor wanted to make an empire for himself! And so some villages were sacked and some fields burned until Harold Godwinsomethingorother assembled an army to run the Vikings out of his kingdom! The battle was brutal, but the spears of the Anglo-Danes were no match for the blades of the vikings, and Harold's army was bested 4-1 (sorry, no battle report). Not only was Harold's army bested, but Harold himself caught and axe in the eye, leaving the throne open for Steinthor to step into it! This battle took place on April 19th, 2008.

With their heads swelling with false pride, Steinthor lead his hordes south toward Wales. Little did Steinthor know that the fearless warlord Owain Daneslayer had heard of the planned invasion and had assembled an army to meet the vikings on the field of battle... The brutal clash of arms that took place saw the vikings heading for the hills with their tails between their legs in a flight for their lives as the Welsh (III/19a) chased them away, giving a 4-1 loss for Steinthor's horde. Check out the battle report here. This battle took place on April 29th, 2008.

Not to be discouraged, but still wanting to expand his newly conquered Anglo-Danish empire, Steinthor went north into pre-Feudal Scotland. The raiding vikings met some resistance from the strong-backed villagers, but drove to the king's gate! The Scottish ruler gathered his army, mustered the villagers, and took to the field! Steinthor managed to barely defeat the Scottish with a 4-3 win. The Scots held largely due to the peasants fighting for their sisters and brothers! Steinthor would not be expanding his empire, but he would at least have a subordinate nation to his north! Check out the battle report here! This battle took place on April 29th, 2008.

After Steinthor returned to his land take in the Brittons, he found that he was summoned back to Scandinavia, but not his homeland of Sweden, but to the Dane's land. Word from Steinthor's brother carried news that the Danish Chief Jarnskeggi had been raiding the coasts of his brother's land in Sweden. Not to take the insult lightly, Steinthor mustered his Karls and set sail for Jarnskeggi's holds. The gods favoured the passage, but apparently not Steinthor's war. In a very topsy-turvy battle (read the battle report here), Steinthor's army not only lost in a close 4G-3 match, but Steinthor himself was captured! After the battle, as Steinthor's second was ordering the return to the Brittons, Jarnskeggi issued the ransom... Will Steinthor's family and karls pay the ransom, or will honour drive them for vengeance? This battle took place on November 16th, 2008.

In light of Steinthor's capture, Steinvor Steinthorsson, who was yet still in the Brittons, had word that Steinthor's holds in Ireland were threatened by a band of Norse Irish warriors lead by a self fashioned warlord known as Cahan Swedeslayer. Driven to prove himself, Steinvor mustered what karls and bondi that he could, and set sail for Ulster. Steinvor's warriors arrived just as Cahan's warband had finished sacking a village, and battle was joined. In a brilliant move, Steinvor landed a quarter of his army behind Cahan's lines, and managed to defeat the Irish warlord in a closely matched 4-3 win (click for the battle report!). Just as as Cahan had promised Steinvor to leave Steinthor's lands for good, Steinvor received word that his father had been taken by the Danes. He promised to avenge his father and make for the Dane's land as soons as the tide would carry him... but where will he stop on the way? Stay tuned for the further adventures of Steinthor and Steinvor Steinthorsson! This battle took place on November 16th, 2008.