Battle of Moira Station
Mobile Suit Gundam Battle System

Neldoreth - June 17th, 2006

The Scenario

This battle is a hypothetical battle fought over an Earth Federation Forces observation post in the northern climate of North America: Moira Station. Found out by Zeon's recon forces, this station quickly becomes a target as it has been providing information on Zeon's movements in North America. The Earth Federation Forces, unable to muster a proper defense force send what they have... And so the battle begins. The winner controls the station and the flow of information. The loser gets to eat dirt!


Earth Federation (490 points):

  • Captain piloting an RX-79 Ez8 with a Beam Rifle and Shield - 300 points
  • Ace piloting an RGM-79 with a Beam Pistol and Shield - 190 points

Principality of Zeon (625 points):
  • Lieutenant piloting a Dom with a Super Bazooka - 265 points
  • 2 Pilots in Zaku IIs with 120mm machine guns - 360 points

Starting Positions & Layout

Game board layout and starting deployment.

The board should be 4 feet by 4 feet. In the centre of the board should be a marker designating Moira Station. This is a heavily forested area, so large areas of difficult terrain along with as many trees as you can pack on the board! Hills, rocks, pretty much any forest terrain is acceptable.

Objectives and Turns

The winner is the player that has the most mobile suits within 6" of the objective at the end of the game. The game itself lasts 10 turns, so the player that can hold the objective until the end wins. A major victory is won if the no opposing mobile suits are near the objective, otherwise a minor victory is won. If no mobile suits hold the objective at the end of the game then it is a draw!

Pre-battle Brief
Earth Federation

The Earth Federation Forces deploy for battle. Yes, I realize that the GM
is actually a GM Command Space type and the Gundam is the Gray Gundam G3,
but hey, they don't call me the King of Proxy for nothin'! Also note that
the GM isn't actually finished... But sometimes you just have to play!

This is a chance to show those Zeon space noids what can be done here on earth! We will send those space noids packing! In order to hold Moira we will have to remember that it is the facility that we have to protect! Don't let those hot-shots lure you away from it! Use your jet packs whenever possible to keep their shots from finding their mark, but stay close to Moira!

We also have to work together. There will be more enemy mobile suits than our own, so it is crucial that we concentrate our efforts for maximum effect! We should focus on one suit at a time and take it down, while keeping the others off our back. Ideally, try to draw them out one at a time, where we can surround them and outnumber them in the immediate fighting. That's it for now, good luck pilot and keep your head up!

Principality Of Zeon

The forces of Zeon deploy for battle... Again, some more proxy action!
Note that the figs aren't finished, but hey, as I said before, sometimes
you just have to play anyway!

Well cadets, this is your chance to prove yourself. We have two enemy mobile suits in our way and they must be taken out to capture Moira Station. This station has been used to target heavy weapons at our forces on the ground in other parts of North America, so if we take this out we will be honoured for sure!

Stick together, don't slow down, and stay behind cover and you will be fine. Remember, hit that station and hit it hard. Once you get there, stay there. If one of the enemy suits wanders too close, pop out and touble team it. There is no way we can't win with more suits and my Super Bazooka! Now get out there and take that station!

The Battle - Turn 1

The ace pilot in the GM picks off the Zaku
behind cover!

The Earth Federation forces moved onto the battle field with the initiative in the opening turn of the battle. The cold mists were just settling as the sun rose over the horizon. The captain in the Ez8 odered his ace pilot to cover the flank and they both jumped into their positions. The captain took the Ez8 toward the objective, making sure that he would not be the target of any fire by hiding behind part of a hill and Moira station itself. The ace pilot in her GM jumped out into view of the attacking suits, although not in the open. She kept her suit behind a small hill to ensure that she would have some cover from the fire of her opponents.

The Zaku IIs and the Dom sprung into action upon seeing the Earth Federation forces advance. The two Zakus made toward the lone GM, hoping it would be an easy target now that it was seperated from its supporing Ez8. Both jumped in to place being careful to keep some cover a tree or some hills. The Dom moved forward at flanking speed and managed to make it very near the objective. It seemed that the Dom and the Ez8 would be engaged in combat over the objective itself, and whoever came out the winner in the GM vs Zakus side battle would have the advantage...

The downed Zaku smokes from the impact of
the beam pistol.

The GM fired first at the only Zaku that was in range of its beam pistol. Taking aim she realized it would be a tough shot (needing a 6 to hit) but steadied herself and let loose. Her shot found its mark even past the covering tree! A small explosion and crackling electricity errupted from the Zaku, knocking it off its feet (the pilot failed his piloting test!). The Zaku hit the ground hard, popping off the head and taking the mobile suit out of the combat (the Zaku took a wound from falling!). The second Zaku, mortified at the loss of his partner let loose with his 120mm machine gun, but in his shock he failed to connect at all.

The lieutenant in the Dom moved too fast to target anything with his 320mm bazooka. The Ez8 was in too much cover to take aim at anyone either, and so the turn ended with one Zaku down!

The Battle - Turn 2

The beginning of turn 2 and the odds have been evened!

The lieutenant in the Dom shouts his outrage at his sole remaining team member over the loss of one of the Zakus. He orders the remaining pilot to jump behing him to cover him while he steadies his bazooka, ready to take aim at the first Earth Federation suit that is brave enough to show itself!

The ace pilot in the GM jumps to the opposite side of the tree where the Zaku was recently downed, drawing a clear line of site on both the Dom and the second Zaku, while holding in the cover of the tree. Having jumped she realized that another hit would be unlikely, but at least she would keep those Zeon pilots on their toes! The captain in the Ez8 jumped completely over Moira and landed safely directly behind the Dom! Thanks to the blind spot behind the Dom, his 320mm bazooka would not be able to target the Ez8, but the GM behing cover was still in sight.

The GM hits the second Zaku. I think promotion
is on its way for her!

The Dom took aim at the GM and fired. Although it looked like the shot would miss, some act of might from the universe saw it fly true, passed the covering tree, and connect with the GM. The GM's ace pilot braced for the impact, and through some act of fate she managed to come out of the blast unscathed... She wretched her controls to continue standing and was able to steady her suit. The Zaku opened up at the GM as well. One shot from the 120mm machine gun found its mark. Distracted by the Dom's attack, the ace pilot failed to maneuver and her suit took a direct hit (she was wounded). One more like that and she would be downed!

Determined not to go down without taking another Zaku with her, the ace pilot let loose again. And again she hit thanks to her natural abilities (she rolled a 6 again). The Zaku that was in the open had nover cover to duck behind and was hit with the full impact of the beam pistol. Although damaged, the Zaku's pilot managed to keep his suit up, but one more hit and that would be the end for him...

The captain in the Ez8 took a shot at the Dom's back, but he was too distracted by the amazing prowess of his ace pilot partner to focus properly. His shot missed widely, sending his beam somewhere off into the depths of space! At the closing of the second turn, it looked like the GM's and the Zaku's turns were numbered, and the battle could still go either way!

The Battle - Turn 3

The beginning of turn 3 and Zeon's forces are surrounded!

The Earth Federation took the initiative for this battle turn. The ace GM pilot decided to stay put. Realizing that she had a great position to cover the Moira station she decided that she would improve her shooting abilities by keeping her mobile suit in place. The captain in the Ez8 jumped again. He kept behind a tree for cover, while maintaining his view of the objective.

The lieutenant in the Dom moved to put Moira station between himself and the beam rifle on the Ez8, and a tree between the beam pistol of the ace pilot's GM. Although the Ez8 could shoot at him through his cover, the GM pilot couldn't even see him, so he felt pretty confident that he would live yet. He barked out order for the Zaku to close on the GM and he did. Fireing his jets the Zaku flew over and behind the GM. He smirked as he took point blank aim at the GM's back!

The Zaku let loose with the machine gun, but thanks to his reckless jump he was unable to connect with any of his shots! The Dom prepared his bazooka for the next turn while the Ez8 took aim and fired. Again the captain's shot in the Ez8 went well wide...

The Battle - Turn 4

Zeon gained the initiative this turn. The Zaku charged into hand-to-hand combat with the ace pilot in the GM and battle was joined! The lieutenant in the Dom stayed put, taking aim at the Ez8 in the distance. The captain in the Ez8 wasn't going to sit and let the bazooka find its mark, and so he jumped his suit to get a clear shot at the Dom that was cowering behind Moira station.

The lieutenant in the Dom lets loose a blast at the Ez8 that just landed in the open. Unfortunately the lieutenant was momentarily distracted by a forgotten memory about how he forgot to turn off his coffee pot this morning and his shot spiraled off into space (he rolled a 1). The Ez8 returned fire and his beam flew true. The lieutenant in the Dom failed to avoid the shot, but he gots his wits together in time to keep his suit on its feet!

As the Zaku charged he let go with a stun grenade to no effect and charged with his axe drawn. The Ace GM pilot dodged the blow and slashed with her beam sword, but her dodge was too uncontrolled to allow her to connect with it.

Turn four after movement and fighting. The GM still stands, but so do both of the remaining Zeon suits.

The Battle - Turn 5

The Zeon forces hold the initiative and the Zaku charges the GM again. The lieutenant in the Dom, tired of his clumsy and useless bazooka discards it, fires his rockets and screams into combat with the Ez8. On his way in the lieutenant in the Dom lets loose a stun grenade, and the pilot in the Ez8 fails to deal with it. His mobile suit stands lifelessly, defensless against the Dom's charge as he struggles to regain control.

The Dom attacks and wins agains the stunned Ez8 (I wasn't sure how these rules were supposed to work for stun grenades. Do the Dom's hits automatically connect? Or should the transfix rule be used where the Ez8's pilot gets only one die and has a fight value of one? I decided to use the transfix rule). The Dom's attack finds its mark, but thanks to some devine act of fate, the Ez8 manages to escape the battle unscathed!)

The Zaku swings yet again at the GM, but the GM's ace pilot easily avoids the blow. In the split second that the Zaku lunged, the GM's pilot saw an opening. With her beam sabre she smoothly punched a hole in the suit that pierced the pilot's cockpit, and the Zaku fell to the lifelessly to the ground on its face. The Dom's pilot saw the death blow inflicted on his compatriot and decided the odds were too much in favour of his enemies. He retreated to fight another day!

The end of turn five and it looks like Zeon has been bested!

The Aftermath

Earth Federation

Well captain, that battle was extremely well fought! Congratulations on putting a superior force to flight and saving Moira station from Zeon's hands! Although your tactics weren't necessarily the cause of your win, certainly your choice of a great pilot were. That ace pilot in your team has great potential, and perhaps a promotion is in order...

It is even possible that the GM's pilot is developing Newtype abilities... Was she born on Earth, or is she a space noid? Perhaps, captain, you should keep a close eye on her. Yes, a close eye indeed!

Principality of Zeon

Well lieutenant, you failed to capture the Moira station even when you had superior numbers! What have you to say for yourself? Your lack of leadership and inability to wage battle are startling and I wonder how you made it to captain at all?

What's that? You claim that your tactics were sound but that you were potentially facing a newtype pilot? Hrm... It is possible that the Federation have some newtypes in their forces then? Well, perhaps you should put together another team and return to Moira. Capturing such a pilot would certainly do great damage to the Earth Federation forces...