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Maeve's Scots-Irish Clan battles it out against the Spanish
A battle featuring II/54b Scots-Irish against the II/39a Iberian Spanish
By Neldoreth
Mar 3rd, 2009

Maeve, tired of raiding for bulls in Ireland, having already the cream of the crop, decided to build herself a fleet of curraghs (leather Irish boats of the celtic age) and bring her mighty host to the beaches of Spain in search of better looting and raiding. It wasn't long after she arrived and carried out a handfull of raids that the Spanish mustered and army to deny her claim of the land and the loot!

Calling out a cry of war, she formed up her host and urged them forward! Never let it be said that roving bands of light troops ever backed down from a fight against other roving bands of light troops!

As the lines of warriors marched towards each other, Maeve lead her charioteers on a reckless charge toward the Spanish camp! She was always one with looting on her mind!

In a bold and daring move (also fueled by the false notion that light chariots are Light Horse) Maeve charged her charioteers up the battlefield, behind enemy lines, toward the Spanish camp. With looting on her mind she drove with all speed. In the mean time, her army lumbered forward in her absence, ready to face down the hordes of the spanish! Seeing the threat to their rear, the Spanish General Donardo pulled his guard from the line and moved to intercept the mad queeen. Things got tense at this point, as both armies pondered simply returning to their farms and let the generals fight it out! Unfortunately for their families, and partly due to the consequences of fleeing the battle they stayed to fight...

Donardo and Maeve clashed, ending their battle in a draw... But the ring of javelin on armour sounded loudly through the air as the Irish destroyed two elements of Spanish!

As the blades and spears of Maeve and Donardo clashed with no clear victor, the main armies of the Spanish and Irish fell on each other with a more decisive outcome. Despite their battle line being somewhat broken, the Irish managed to control their left flank and destroy two Spanish elements. The Irish on the right flank that matched steel against the Spanish light horse bested their enemies as well, forcing them to flee! Initially the Irish rejoiced at chasing off the light horse, until they realized that they just sent the light horse toward Maeve! Now, she was all alone with not only the Spanish general Donardo, but also with the Spanish light horse!

The Irish took the day! Maeve fought off Donardo and his light horse, while her warriors destroyed two more Spanish elements! The Spanish abandoned the field of battle, as well as their camp to the raiding Irish! Note: the destroyed Irish element is depicted by the green and yellow explosion.

Just as it looked bleak for Maeve, her angry warcry spooked the Spanish horses and she managed to push back her attackers! Bolstered by her success, her warriors drove through the Spanish lines on both the left and the right flank, destroying two elements. Despite their losses, a fearless unit of Spanish skirmishers managed to fell a unit of Irish before the Spanish army fled the field of battle!

That was another great battle against Don the Dangerous. This one worked out well for me, but I think it had a lot to do with my die rolls. I didn't keep my line together, and I left my general all by herself in the back field... That being said, all the bold moves like that typically work out for me, as illustrated in the Steinvor Stienthorsson Makes a name for himself in Ireland!. The slight difference in army composition definitely worked in my favour, as I had two more 3Ax elements and two less 2Ps elements. But I did have the uphill advantage on the right flank. In any case, great game overall!