Steinthor invades Wales! Owain has none of it!
DBA battle pitting III/40 Vikings vs. III/19 Welsh
By Neldoreth
May 1st, 2008

The Welsh III/19 army is one of the toughest for the III/40 Vikings. The rules for warbands quick-killing blades makes it a very dangerous contest. Despite this, Steinthor was convinced that he couldn't lose, having successfully invaded Vinland, Northern Ireland, and Britain, he thought he could handle anything! So, he mustered his warriors and headed for Wales... This battle is one of the many that makes up part of the Raid! Pillage! Loot! viking DBA campaign!

Little did Steinthor expect to find that the Welsh army of the warlord Owain would be waiting for him. Owain had heard news of Steinthor's arrogantly announced plands, and so he mustered his warbands and confronted the unprepared and surprised vikings as they made camp!

Owain inspired his men using Welsh slang! It works wonders! The Welsh warriors cheered and jeered as they stood ready to defend not only their traditional homelands, but their families as well!

Steinthor shouted (what he hoped were) inspiring words to his hordes, but they didn't hear. Their bloodlust was on them, and the sound of teeth breaking as they gnawed on shields rang through the air! To war!

Owain tactfully sent is skirmishers (2Ps) to the viking right flank to pin them in place! The feirce shouts and flying arrows of the skirmishers hiding in the woods unnerved them, making the vikings on that flank too preoccupied to advance... Steinthor decided that holding the line was more important than advancing, and so the vikings waited for the Welsh to come.

When the warriors finally clashed, screams and warcries could be heard! Steinthor split his line to meet the Welsh general and challenge him to a one-on-one dual! Of course, the Welsh general was too smart to get off of his horse and simply taunted Steinthor! Steinthor had the feeling that this first clashing of blade and spear would decide the day...

Helgi the Fearful did not hide his concerns has the heavily supported warbands of the Welsh came crashing down on the viking line. Little did he know that his futile hope would be an ill omen for Steinthor's armies!

As the dice were rolled, and Steinthor's men faught, the battle was ended. The warbands of the Welsh drove deep into the lines of the vikings, destroying four elements and shattered the viking's left flank. Steinthor beat a hasty retreat, much to the great pleasure of Owain and his warriors! Owain's title as Owain Dane-Slayer was affirmed, woe be to any vikings who ventured to his realm again!


This was a great game to have... No indecision, and it was over so fast that we barely realized it! And I there is nothing better than playing a game against a great opponent such as Spanikopites!